Volleyball field trip

Volleyball field trip

Kate Hardwick, Staff Reporter

There’s nothing like a long hot day of beach volleyball with you classmates, for Coach Kuk’s volleyball classes that is.  Every year Coach Kuk’s volleyball classes go on a field trip to Club V, a beach volleyball place where a bunch of courts are set up for the students to play.

Each student has their own picked partner that they play with and then they are placed into a division based on their skill level .  There is; girls bronze, silver, and gold, boys silver and gold, and Co-ed gold.  The students each played about six games with their partners and a couple extra for play-offs and championships.  The main winners of the day were Kaitlyn Covak and Lauren Watson for girl gold, Zac Bowls and Austin Glaus for boys gold, and Josh Hyter and Chelsea King for co-ed gold.

“I was really happy when Chelsea and I won becasue we had worked so had and really deserved it,” Hytner said.

The winners of the co-ed and boys division got that chance to play a small game to 15 with the pro players.

“Even though the pros were playing really easy with us it was still really fun,” Chelsea said.  “They were really nice and also gave us a few pointers.”

All in all it was a great day for the class.  Each player was able to win t-shirts and prizes from the raffle give a way.  It was a day off of school but most importantly a fun day of volleyball.