East End Volleyball Tournament 2012

Jordan Lutz, Staff Reporter

On February 25 and 26, students that are in a PHUHS volleyball class had the chance to either spectate or play in the East End Volleyball Tournament at Clearwater Beach.

Players got to pair up with anyone, even students from other schools, and play against other students their age. Students that couldn’t play or didn’t want to could go either go Saturday or Sunday to Pier 60 and watch the Open Matches and score them for a grade in the volleyball class.

Seniors Jacob Jarreau and Patrick Moriarty of PHUHS came in second place in the Boys 18 and Under division. Here’s what they thought of the tournament.

Q: How did the tournament this year compare to the tournament last year?

A: There was less competition this year and the weather was awful.

Q: How did you guys do?

A: We finished 2nd. We lost to kids who were in the Junior Olympics.

Q: What did you like most about it?

A: (Jarreau) Playing with my best friend Patrick.

Q: Would you recommend students to participate in the tournament next year?

A: Yes, because volleyball is a fun sport and it keeps you active. Plus you get to see a lot of your peers there.