2012 Hunting season

Stephan Vlachos, Staff Reporter

Hunting season in North America is quickly approaching. Officially, the deer season in Florida opens on November 17. Deer in Florida tend to be very small so most hunters go up north into New York, Pennsylvania and even Canada. States out west like Colorado and Utah also attract hunters. This being said, hunting seasons change state to state because of local regulations.

Many people love to go hunting around Thanksgiving time, some look at it as a vacation, others view it as tradition. Providing your own food for thanksgiving is how it has been done ever since Plymouth Rock. Turkey is the obvious main choice of hunters because of its significance. Others hunt deer and hog. This is the manliest way of having the best feast for you and your family. Working hard for the meat, and enjoying it with loved ones.

Florida offers unique hunting because of the vast amount of wild Hog and Alligators.  The hog was brought here by Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto in the mid 14th century.  Being in the state for so long, the hogs have had a lot of time to take over.  Many farms look at the four-legged beast as a problem.  The hog will tear up crops and eat privately owned vegetation.  Because this problem can be serious, many farms have allow people to come and hunt. There is no licence required to hunt wild hog because it is considered a trespass animal. Having said that, boar that are under 15inches tall cannot be taken because of state protection.