Running to the top

Marc Lester

Cross country runners

Laura Josephik, Staff Reporter

This years PHUHS Cross Country team has been on everybody’s watch.  To start off with, PHU has had a very successful season.  At each meet both the girls and boys team had runners finishing in the top places.

“The best thing about a race is the energized feeling you get when you finish,” said junior Sarah Harley.

During each race the runner runs a 5k, which is approximately 3.5 miles.  After the normal season PHU advanced into the PCAC meet.  There the boys took sixth place and the girls pulled through to first place.  On October 31st the teams traveled to Taylor park and ran in the district meet.  Unfortunately the boys did not finish in the qualifying place.  The girls team however came in second after a tiebreaker.  The girls team will now advance to the regional finals.

Junior Taylor Smith, one of the top runners for the girls team, is participating in her first year with PHU Cross Country and is already taking some of the top spots.

“No half times, no time outs, no substitution, it must be the only true sport,”  said Smith.

For the next couple of weeks the team will be training hard for regionals.

“We are trying to beat Seminole at regionals,” said Harley.

If they do as good as they have done all season, states should be a piece of cake!