Powder Puff game approaches


   Four teams compete to call their class the winner of the Powder Puff game at Palm Harbor University High School.

   The Powder Puff flag football game for girls has become a tradition at PHUHS. The game will be held on September 24th, at 6:00 p.m. at the school. Tickets are $5.00. The profits will benefit Palm Harbor’s cheerleading team and the school newspaper.

   Several games will be played, including upperclassmen versus lowerclassmen. The Homecoming King will be crowned at the game this year, as well. Information regarding the game will be announced the week of September 16th.

   In order to make the team, a student must purchase school insurance and a t-shirt from Judy Cannaday, one of the powder puff sponsors, in room 4-115. “All students make the team, as long as insurance and a t-shirt are purchased before September 9th,” Cannaday said. “T-shirts are fifteen dollars.”

   Most years the senior class has won, but lately the junior class has had some victories. “Last year, the juniors killed us,” Dejah Myers said. About thirty girls participate per grade level. More upperclassmen usually play than lowerclassmen.

    “Practice is important to determine the student’s position during the game,” Cannaday said. The practice day and time will be announced on the week of the 16th.

   “There was one practice,” Myers said, “but I missed it because I didn’t know when it was.” Myers participated in the game last year as a freshman and is planning on participating this year as well. She was the wide receiver. Myers encourages freshmen to participate, “just know about football and the different positions,” Myers said.

   The Powder Puff game is going to be one to remember this year, and just like football, it will be a blast for everyone!