A team to look out for

Palm Harbor University brings a crushing victory over Nature Coast Tech at Friday night's spring game.

Adam Geiger, Staff Reporter, Opinons Editor

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Down, set, hike! Starting the game off on offense, the Canes began the game receiving a flag making their first attempt at the end zone at 1st and 15. Most people were probably thinking, ‘here comes the old Palm Harbor again’. But when all the dust had cleared the final score was 37-2, the Canes with a victory.
Within the first quarter of the game it seemed as if the offense could not figure out how to get the ball down field. But every time the ball was turned over, the Canes defense was sure to stop the Sharks very quickly.
Around halfway through the first quarter, starting quarterback Cameron Mouton found one of his favorite receivers from last season open down field, TJ Colmery. This resulted in the Canes first touchdown of the game (7-0).
By the end of the quarter the score was 13-0, two touchdowns from Colmery.
Even though Palm Harbor was off to a great start, they wanted better. The defense was not willing to allow anyone through the line, so they could allow their offense to do their job.
Ending the half, the Canes led 30-0 with a touchdown from Cameron Mouton (19-0), a field goal from Hayden Schuster, kicker, (22-0), a safety caused by Quinn Degnan, safety, (24-0), and a touchdown from Jamaine Derogene, running back, (30-0).
Finally, it was time for the Second Half to begin, and the second string players to get some playing time.
Within seconds after kickoff, Quinn Degnan and Gavin Wyllie, defensive end, caused a fumble allowing Dagan Cecere, cornerback, to scoop up the ball and score another touchdown for Palm Harbor leaving the Canes ahead 37-0.
Finally, the last quarter began and the shut out ended with a Safety on Dylan Whittman, quarterback, 37-2. The game continued to go on with the Canes defensive shutting the Sharks out, and refusing to give any room for the opposing team to score.
And when the final buzzer went off, the game ended with a blowout, and an obvious team too look out for next season. The Canes defense was able to do their job and allow only 70 yards rushing the entire game.
Looks like there might be a great season for the Canes in 2016.

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