Striving for Soccer Success


Melany Andras, Staff Reporter

Soccer season is approaching at Palm Harbor University High School, and if there’s one thing every student here knows, overall, the year will be tough.

A new season coming means a new team, which can be both exciting and terrifying for the players on PHU’s soccer teams. Throughout the season players will have to get to know their teammates, both new and returning, and learn to work together to make the season as spectacular and successful as possible.

No one can fully anticipate what tryouts will be like until they really happen, but they can be certain that all of their effort must go into tryouts if they really intend on making the team.

“I expected tryouts to be a lot more intense,” Jacquelene Tsloukas said. “It was pretty easy because the returners on the team explained what the coaches were looking for to make the team.”

Even if tryouts this year were pretty easy, the rest of the season is not necessarily all smooth sailing. Tsloukas said the thing she’s looking forward to the most her first year of being on PHU’s soccer team is just simply playing in games with her new team.

Almost every sport known to man involves some kind of conditioning or exercise at practices, and with soccer it’s no different. Running is a very popular form of conditioning in many sports because it helps build stamina and keeps players busy for a decent amount of time.

Jacquelene said she definitely expects her teammates and herself included to be doing plenty of conditioning, not limited to, but definitely including running.

“It shouldn’t be too hard for us, especially since most of us are already on other [soccer] teams,” Tsloukas said.

It will definitely be hard to beat last year’s 19 wins with an overall 99 goals scored, however, all remain optimistic and push themselves to perhaps even have a better season than the last.

“I have a feeling this is gonna be a great season,” Tsloukas said. While they may have their ups and downs, it is certain Palm Harbor’s Girl’s Soccer Team will make the most of their season.