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Cheerleading 2017

Alexis Cesarini, Staff Reporter

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Recently, tryouts for Palm Harbor University High School’s cheerleading team took place. Some of the girls that tried out were selected to be members of the team to cheer for the fall football teams.

Each athlete started with a coach’s score, a score out of 40 points based on academics and participation. This score would prevent ties where necessary. Many girls earned around a 35.

March 5th to March 8th was for practicing. This means everyone learned a cheer, a chant, and a dance, and had to perfect it in those three days. March 9th was the actual day of tryouts. Varsity and Junior Varsity separately performed for the judges in groups of three in the auditorium.

On March 10th, the lists were posted on the cafeteria window and the wait was over.

Here are the varsity and junior varsity fall cheerleading team lists:

Varsity: Alyssa Taylor                Kayla Forant

Amaya Sawyer            Kendra Summers

Ashley Holsten            Lexi Brashares

Becky Ranson                Lyndsay Bradley

Emily Behnke                Madi Blackwell

Jenna Stephenson            Madison Rushe

Jenny Arapi                Skylar Hopkins

Jessa Williams            Tori Reece

Kalista Photopulos

Katie Raszkowski

Junior Varsity: Abigail Puckett            Maddy Whelan

Alexis Cesarini                        Madison Huot

Emily Repetosky        Megan Lichter

Haley Mackenzie        Nevaeh Gasparovic

Haley Williams        Nicole Tutak

Jessica Narido        Tatianna Menconi

Lenna Morgado

Mackenzie Mills

These cheerleaders are looking forward to next school year when they will be cheering for the varsity and JV football teams. Varsity will consist of juniors and seniors and junior varsity will be all sophomores.


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Cheerleading 2017