PHU shows spirit for rivalry game

Alexis Cesarini, Staff Reporter

Between the East Lake Eagles and the Palm Harbor Hurricanes stands an intense rivalry. On Friday, Aug 25, the two teams will come head-to-head at the Hurricanes’ field for the most extreme football game of the year.

Both the Hurricanes and the Eagles kicked their seasons off well. The Eagles won a home game 16-0 against the Hillsborough Terriers. The Hurricanes won an away game against the Sarasota Sailors, 19-6.

Even though the football players themselves will compete for victory, a lot of the school spirit lies in the fans, including the Rowdies and the Blue Crue. They completely support the teams as they play, especially when it’s a game between East Lake and Palm Harbor.

Both parties are getting pumped up for the game.  They both are looking forward to defeating the other, and each believe they’ll win.

“The coaches prepare for this game the most and the fans hype us up a lot,” said varsity football player Bryan Valadares.

The powerful rivalry between the teams not only puts pressure on the players, it also motivates them. They would never want to let their school down.

“This game is more important than other games, it puts pressure on us to perform well and do good for our school, since it’s against our rival,” said Valadares.

Who will win? Only time will tell. Either way, the teams can count on a crowd of loud fans to cheer them on.