With patience comes success

Some wish for it, PHUHS football team works for it


Jacyn Mccrudden and Grace Mercer

As the bright lights, light up the football field, the current football game of the week starts on Aug. 31 at 7:30 p.m. The football players are having higher hopes for the outcome of this Friday’s game and the rest of the year.


The pre-season game that took place on Aug. 17 was a match between PHU and Sarasota.  As both teams stepped up to play some football, PHU took the ball and gained a couple yards. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to make a touchdown and get the first six points for the team.


Both the teams were close in the scores. As PHU attempted to score the two pointer to make sure that the game was won, they ended up missing it and lost to Sarasota by 14-13.


“The rain made it difficult to execute most of our passing plays, but we were able to run the ball pretty well,” Wyatt Beasey (‘19), said.


Despite thunder storms in the area, students still went to the East Lake game. When students bought their tickets and took a seat on the bleachers, the sky started to open up. People could hear thunder from a far and see sparks of lighting. People had to evacuate into a safe area to make sure no one got struck by lightning.


Everyone waited for the confirmation to see if the game was still going to precede. While people waited and watched the blinking light to see if lighting was still in the area, it turned off. The crowd rushed over to the bleachers to take their seats.


Eventually the crowd settled down and watched as the game took place. PHU ended up not scoring any points, and East Lake won 28-0.


“East Lake didn’t start till two hours when it was supposed to, so the rain was definitely a difficult task to manage especially when playing on the field. However I believe that things can only get better.” Zack Allen (‘20), said.


Although PHU lost the pre-season game and the East Lake game, they still have the ability to train hard and carry on. The seminole game yielded different results with a win for PHU 31-20.