Biggest battle in Florida

The history of the biggest Florida college football rivalry.

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One last time
May 20, 2019

Photo Courtesy of Gianna German

Showing off her FSU spirit, Gianna German supports them despite the loss.

The Sunshine Showdown is a rivalry between the teams of the two oldest public universities in Florida: the University of Florida Gators and Florida State University Seminoles.

The first game dates back to November 22nd of 1958, were UF took the first win in a rivalry that was to last for decades to come. Since then, 35 games have been won by UF and 26 by FSU and two ties took place in 1961 and 1994.

“Given Florida State’s track record in recent wins, and the new coach Taggart still adjusting, I hope he will follow in the previous coaches footsteps,” Gianna German (‘20) said.

Debates over who is the better team are always talked about. Everyone has their own opinion and the “better team” is usually decided by who beat who that year.

Before this year, Florida State University has won the past five years straight. The most recent game took place in Tallahassee, Nov. 24, and UF came out with a win of 41-14.

“There was a lot of pressure on the boys with the thought of trying to keep the winning streak alive, it was one of the teams last chance at competing in a Bowl game this year,” Hannah Pinnell (‘20) said.

If FSU wanted to go to a bowl game, and have a winning season, they had to win that game against UF since it’s played so late in the season. This year, they didn’t get that chance because of their loss against Florida.

“I’m a gators fan and my thought on the game is that we absolutely destroyed them. I believe that UF is a much better team than Florida State, and Feleipe Franks is a God,” Ben Heinisch (‘20) said.

For years to come, the rivalry will live on and the debate on the better team will forever be one to question.