JV girls basketball profiles

Here are the five starters on the JV team.

Elarya Tadres, Staff Reporter

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Basketball season has started for both boys and girls. People often wonder “who are the starters” or “who are the five players that always start out the game.” Here are the five JV girl starters and their background. Some are freshman and some are sophomores.


Angela Guirguis #20

Why did you choose basketball?:“I Chose basketball because I love the sport and I love the adrenaline”

Favorite thing to do: Takes photos and watch netflix

Favorite show/movie: Riverdale/ White chicks

Favorite song: Fine china

Interesting fact: “I have been playing basketball for 7 years”

Selma Vazquez #33

Why did you choose basketball?: “I chose basketball because my dad would play all the time. I love it and how you have to think when you play.”

Favorite thing to do: shopping and going to the gym

Favorite show/movie: The Resident/ The Maze Runner

Interesting fact: “I make really good banana bread!”


Aaliyah Donnelly #5

Why did you choose basketball?: “I love the aggressiveness and effort people put into basketball.”

Favorite thing to do: Play flag football, and likes to take photos.

Favorite show/movie: The Fosters/ To all the boys I have loved

Favorite song: Sunflower by Post Malone

Interesting fact: “I did MMA and softball for 4 years.”



Athina Figueroa #10

Why did you choose basketball?:  “I like the adrenaline when I am on the court.”

Favorite thing to do: Take pictures

Favorite show/movie: Riverdale/ Crazy Rich Asians

Favorite song: Thank you, next by Ariana Grande

Interesting fact: “I am Ecuadorian.”


Kaitlin Ryan #11

Why did you choose basketball?:“I chose basketball because I enjoy the competitiveness and challenge it gives me.”

Favorite thing to do:  Play golf

What defines you as a person?:  “I am very hard working.”





Interesting fact:  “I can juggle.”

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