What kind of team is a JV team

Go deeper into what a JV team really is for basketball.


Chaetan Prabhu

Making the magic happen Jeff Binta (’21) starts to drive past the defender to score, but ends up giving the ball to a teammate for a 3 pointer. “We really come together as a team. We never really have someone who will hog the ball over everyone else,” Binta said.

Players can shoot every shot they want to but in reality they will never make every single one. The JV boys basketball team may be small in size, but they prove that they can still play with heart and hustle.

“We don’t need a lot of height we just need a few big plays. Big plays will help us bounce off of each other and every single time a big play happens we gain momentum,” Connor Walser (‘21) said.

Big plays don’t always have to be the dunk where the entire crowd stands up and chants. A big play can be the simple three pointer that gives your team the lead or that one run your team has were you outscore the opponent 17-0.

“I’ve been trying to be able to dunk for a while now and my progress makes me think that I can do it by my junior year. I’ve always wanted to dunk like Vince Carter, maybe go win a dunk contest in my future,” Walser said.  

Plays like this can change the tide of the game just like curtain players can.

“Sometimes when I am dominating the other team coach takes me out and I get to sit and watch the other team come back,” Peyton Reece (‘21)  said. “I feel like we play our best we play like a team, which you don’t really see often in JV.”

Even with a single player dominating the floor every now and then there’s always the times when the whole team gets the hot hand.

“I get this sudden rush of energy and a feeling I can’t really explain. I love it when I feel my three point stroke cause I love to score. Three pointers are just a better shot than mid range I feel more comfortable shooting from three,” Jeff Binta (‘21) said.