Dreams do come true

Girls from the PHU softball team tell their stories of committing to the college of their choice

Chaetan Prabhu and Jake McMullen

Signing with a college is one of the most important moments in a softball player’s career. There are plenty of factors to consider, and many influences on a player’s decision. Some players choose their dream school, while others choose schools that provide them with the opportunities they’re looking for. The Lady Canes softball team has seven girls that have committed to the college of their choice.
“I chose the University of Florida because it’s been my dream school since I was a kid. I actually committed my freshman year. I got offers from other schools but I wanted the offer from UF. I watch all of the UF games, and I try to pick up little tips every game. The team is amazing and the players there are so nice. I will also be rooming with three girls from the team,” said Mia Buffano (‘19).
While some of the players choose their dream school, others chose based off of what they need.
“I am committed to Georgia Southwestern State University. When looking for a college I needed a college that would let me play softball and get a degree in nursing, so when this school came along, I visited it and it really felt like home. Committing is bittersweet because you want to be excited and it’s very tempting to stop working hard, especially since I would like to start,” Kimmy Singer (‘19) said.
There are a lot of factors that can also affect where players might choose; such as what they are looking for, but there are also things that can impact how many offers they get, such as injuries.
“I chose to commit to Pasco Hernando State College because after I found out I needed surgery it was really hard for me to focus on what I was going to do next. When Pasco gave me the opportunity, I visited the campus and fell in love with it. I know a few girls from the team, and I found my roommate already too. After I found out that I needed surgery, a lot of colleges weren’t sure about me as I didn’t even know if I was going to recover. Pasco said immediately that I would get better and offered me right then and there. I think it’s smarter to go to a two year college and transfer to a bigger college as you can save a lot of money that way. I’ll be transferring to a different school afterwards, but no matter if I end up playing or not, I would love to go to Florida State,” Savanna Bennett (‘19) said.
Everyone has obstacles to face in life, but what makes you you is getting by those obstacles and against all odds, finding a new home.