Fans in sports?

How will this season be different for sports?


Varsity volleyball players during their game against Tarpon.

Lexis Barnes, Staff Reporter

Will fans be allowed in sports this season? That depends on the sport. This 2020 – 2021 school year, games will be different. Fans will be limited. Masks will be enforced for all fans during the time you are in the building.  

Football and volleyball are allowed 25% capacity of the fans they typically have. 

As for football, “25% capacity will be let into the gamesAll tickets this year will have to be purchased online and you will have to use your phone to get into the games,” Coach Michael Mullaney said. 

 Some fans may be allowed into the games, but not many. Are students ready for what the season provides?  

“The key this season is staying healthy and preventing any outbreaks of Covid-19. All non-starters need to be engaged in practice because they are an outbreak away from starting, Mullaney said.  

Volleyball also has new regulations for games. “No fans until after 9/18. Then only about 150 fans at home games. Tickets will be first come, first serve,” Coach Lissa Bartle said. 

 Volleyball players this season have to wear masks while they are performing their warm ups.  “I feel like it is going to be a little bit difficult, but we can work through it,” Audrey Schilling (23) said. 

It will be a difficult change, but students will hope it will go back to normal soon. It’s time to see just what this year holds in the sports department.