Sports Profile: Girls Basketball

Get to know the members of PHU’s basketball team.

Sports Profile: Girls Basketball

Cassie Santella, Staff Reporter

A Q and A with a few members of PHU’s girls basketball team. This interview features athletes Anna Markos (‘23), Keira Cassesse (‘23), Christine Costalas (‘22), and Lydia Li (‘24).


How long have you been playing basketball?

Keira Cassesse (’23)

AM: “I have been playing basketball for 6 years.”  

KC: “I’ve been into basketball ever since I was younger but started playing with a team in my late middle school years and when I started high school.”

CC: “I’ve been playing basketball since I was 8.”

LL: “I’ve been playing basketball since I was 9 years old.”

What got you into basketball? 

AM: “My dad got me into basketball but I have always loved the sport and played ever since I was really young but I got more serious when I got into middle school.”

KC: “What really got me into basketball was my dad. My dad has played ever since he was a kid. Hooping with him is one of my favorite things to do.”

LL: “After watching my older sister, Angela Li, play I decided that I wanted to play basketball instead of soccer!”



Do you have any role models that inspire you?

AM: “Lebron James is my basketball role model. I love everything he represents and how hard he works. It inspires me a lot.”

KC: “My top role models are definitely my dad and my coaches. My coaches do a lot for myself and my team even outside of basketball which I can never thank enough for. My dad also, he’s definitely someone I look up to and want to be like especially when it comes to basketball. He always helps and coaches me whenever he can and pushes me to be better everyday.”

CC: “My sister.”

LL: “My role models are Paige Bueckers and my sister.”


Christine Costalas (’22)

What was your favorite part of the basketball season so far this year?

AM: “My favorite part of the season so far has been the Largo game because everyone played really well and we scored 74 points.” 

CC: “My favorite part of the basketball season so far this year was breaking my school record with threes.”

LL: “My favorite part of the season so far was defeating the East Lake Eagles.


Do you have a favorite memory with your teammates? 

KC: “I have so many memories with my teammates but the win of our rivalry game is definitely one I won’t forget”

CC: “Beating East Lake and running on the court.”


Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions?

AM: “I always listen to good music that gets me hyped before the games.”

KC: “I try not to be a superstitious kind of person but my coach told me once that hers was that she never sat in the first seat of the bench and after that I never sat there and I don’t even know why.”

CC: “I have to get an energy drink from New Wave and play the same playlist every game.”

LL: I don’t have any pre-game rituals and I don’t believe in superstitions because it all depends on who wants to win more.”