Lacrosse Tryouts Coming Up!

Introduction to lacrosse

Elizabeth Morris, Staff Reporter

Lacrosse is fairly new at PHUHS, it is now the 4th season since its starting. Until this year, there was only a varsity team, but now the school has added a JV team giving a better opportunity for students that are just starting out to be part of the lacrosse team. The team is coached by Coach Greg Pozun. The PHUHS team welcomes anyone to come to tryouts on January 23 – January 26 whether it’s your first time picking up at stick or you had a stick in your hand since you were little.

About Girls’ Lacrosse
Lacrosse is the oldest organized sport in North America, with its origins with the indigenous people of North America as early as the 12th century. Lacrosse is also one of the fastest sports by foot. It is mostly popular up north in places like Maryland, Philadelphia, New York, North Carolina, and more but it is continuously growing in Florida. Lacrosse is a team sport involving a lacrosse stick and ball where the players are required to work together in order to get the ball into the goal. There are 11 players per team on the field at each time plus a goalie who would make the 12th player. There are 4 different positions in the game of lacrosse: midfield (plays both offense and defense), attack (offensive player), defense (defensive player), and goalie. Games often last about 60 minutes and the season goes from January all the way to May if your team is capable of making it to the finals. Lacrosse is a very physical sport involving intense contact requiring you to wear head gear and a mouth guard to prevent injury. Lacrosse is in many colleges giving you the opportunity to get scholarships to incredible schools due to athletics.

How Do You Play?
A game of girls’ lacrosse is started with a draw where a person from each team goes into the middle of the draw circle and puts the back of their sticks together with a ball in the middle, both sticks will go into an upwards motion and the ball goes up in the air for a midfielder to catch. Once a team has possession of the ball they go to their offensive side and work together using plays in order to get the ball past the opposing team’s goalie and into the goal. While offense is working to get the ball into the opposing teams goal defense is trying to stop the offense from getting the ball into the goal. Passing and catching is critical in this game. Team bonding is the most important thing in lacrosse, having a team that has good chemistry and shares so much love for their teammates helps bring the team to big wins.

More Info on Girls Lacrosse at PHUHS
In order to play you must have a questionnaire and medical form filled out, these forms will be posted on the PHUHS website. Tryouts involve rounds of conditioning, scrimmages (practice in a game), drills involving shooting, passing/catching, groundballs, and more. Tryouts will be held out on the soccer fields, which is by the football fields. Coach Pozun’s information and more information about lacrosse will be on the PHUHS website. In order to get to the lacrosse section, click on athletics and then click on the lacrosse. Hope to see many people at tryouts!!