Lady Canes JV Flag Football – The End of an Era

Bailey Aliberto, Staff Reporter

PHU’s JV Flag Football had a great season this year, with a record of 6 wins and only 2 losses. The teamwork portrayed throughout the season was great to see and the enthusiasm from the players, parents, and coaches was beneficial towards the effort the girls put in during the games.

The team poses for the victory shot after a 21-0 shutout against Tarpon Springs High School.

Charlotte Summers (’25) was one of the many players that had great spirit and love for the sport, and she explains her feelings for Flag Football and her favorite parts of the 2023 season.

“My favorite part about the flag season was being able to cheer for my team. My favorite moment during the game was when everyone ran up to me after scoring the game-winning touchdown in overtime,” said Summers.

“The best thing about my teammates was their energy and their happiness to be playing. It made me realize how fun the little things can be,” said Summers.

Captains Bailey Aliberto (’25), Olivia Warticki (’25), and Josie Rouch (’25) pose for the camera at their last game.

Olivia Warticki (’25) was a key player on the team and had a lot to say about the love for her team, and some of the challenges she faced of being chosen as one of the three captain this season.

“The girls this year were so much fun, and we all bonded so well. My favorite game was against Tarpon Springs (our last game); we had great plays and a great 21-0 shutout. Although it was bittersweet that the season was ending, it was by far the best game, and the bus ride home felt like a surreal party,” said Warticki.

“I had the greatest challenge of being one of the captains this season. At the beginning of the season, I broke the ice and made friends with the whole time to try to make them less nervous. Being captain of the JV team impacted me in an amazing way because lots of the girls would ask me for help, opinions, or advice, and I felt very much needed but also humble that they were asking me and trusting my opinions,” said Warticki.

Morgan Hayes (’26) gets ready to make a touchdown-scoring throw.

Morgan Hayes (’26), the quarterback for the JV team, reminisces on the victorious memories of the season, and her favorite plays and times during the season.

“Some of my favorite moments were probably when everyone was hanging in the locker room before the away games. My favorite play was probably during the game when we went into three overtimes and I threw a touchdown to Charlotte and everyone was so happy; it felt like the stress was lifted off of us,” said Hayes.

The offensive team listens in for their next play, explained by Coach Steihler and Evan Brady (’23).

The friendships and fun made during this season of Flag Football made it a positive time for the players and affected them greatly, with not only their athleticism, but their mindsets too. Overall, the girls had an amazing season and worked hard for their wins and never gave up, no matter the score.