“It’s a waste land, for pens…”

Alex Squitieri, Staff Reporter

Under portable 28 is a majestic wonderland, for ink pens. Yes, it’s referred to as Pen Wasteland. The founders of PWL seniors Nick Capone and Erik Lettre, discovered this new found land on a day like any other.

Capone took a pen from Lettre and squished a piece of gum on it. After a great laugh at Capones’ actions, the pen ended up on the ground beside portable 28. The following day, Capone and Lettre noticed that the pen had somehow made its way under the portable.  They considered teleportation, but couldn’t come up with a reason why it had moved. As they stared at the pen in disbelieve Capone realized, they were not just looking into a crawl space, it was more than that, much more.

“It’s a waste land, for pens, Pen Wasteland!” Capone  shouted

From that day forth, Pen Wasteland expanded.  For months both Capone and Lettre watched as pens quickly filled the wasteland. There were pens of all kinds ranging from your traditional mechanical, ink, gel, number 2, and many other popular writing utensils. Pen wasteland slowly started to fill and become a true “waste land.” The news spread and PWL started to get a fan club.

It was never expected to get as much attention as it has. The wasteland even inspired a group of students to make a video blog series which can be seen on most video sharing websites.

Students continued contributing to the wasteland by adding their “extra” school materials. Recently PWL took the next step, the wasteland is now equipped with a broken Xbox 360 and a fancy-but-nonworking cell phone, to text some friends with.

Although Capone and Lettre are credited with the founding of the waste land, they have not participated in filling it.