After School Activities

Students lives after school

Kayla Ashley, Staff Reporter

  Life continues after seven hours of school and not many get to share what they do when school is done for the day. Some may play sports, babysit, work, or do other hobbies such as paint or just simply hang out at the beach. Whatever it may be, it’s part of the student’s life and can be a great way of getting to know someone. 


   Many students have jobs that occupy most of their time afterschool. “After school I work at Bogota bar and kitchen. When I’m not working, I usually go to the gym or hang out with friends as well as dance at Suncoast Academy of Dance,” Jalen Kelly (22) said.  Jalen does a variety of things to keep her busy, very active lifestyle. 


 After school go onto canvas and write things down that are due for the week and set a schedule, if I have extra time when I’m not at The Rusty Lyon for work or doing homework I’ll hang out with my friends,” Bella Morris (‘22) said.  


Staying productive and organized is great way to keep up with your life.  


Some students that do early college have a little bit of a different schedule. Student, Rylee Jarmolych (21’) said, “as of right now I am working a lot on college applications and have a lot of advanced classes, so I usually am doing a lot of homework I also drive south to where there are better waves and skate parks and hang out with all my friends.” 

Stay active and have fun outside of school.