Florida’s “Winter”

A break from the heat.

Kayla Ashley, staff

It’s always around Christmas when Florida starts to get cold. Recently the weather has been a little chilly. Florida usually doesn’t get too cold for the people that are out of state, but the local Floridians may think otherwise.

“I do like the cold weather because my hair stays curly since there is no humidity,”  Saylor Davidson (’22) said. Davidson also explained how when it gets cold out there are different things to do other than the beach 24/7. She said, “you get to have bon fires and enjoy it, as well as shop at Tilly’s and thrift stores for warmer clothes.”

Aly Tobiassen (’22) likes the cold weather, she said, “I like the cold weather because it’s really refreshing since it never gets too cold and I can wear hoodies comfortably.” Tobiassen also explains how the colder weather can be nice for sports. “If I am going outside I like to go play soccer since we don’t get to play in the cold that much,” Tobiassen said. Cold weather definitely can be a good thing for athletes.

For some, the cold is alright as long as it’s not too cold. Karissa Utegaard (’22) said, “I like the cold weather as long as it’s still nice out because we don’t get much here so it’s a nice change.” As for staying warm, Utegaard said, “some good in store places I like are Pacsun and Forever 21.” Maybe not coats but jackets are essential during winter so it can be helpful to know where to shop.

Everyone will have their own opinion based on the weather but one thing that’s always said is that change is good.