Valentines Plans

The Day of Love

Kayla Ashley, Staff

February 14th. Is either a great day or a day that many single people may dread. Though many seem to think that valentine’s day is all about having a significant other, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Being single can be just as fun as being taken on the 14th. You can do many things like hang out with friends, bake all sorts of sweets, binge watch your favorite show, or even simply spend the day with your family.

Kylee Davidson (23’) who is taken says “I don’t have set pans yet, but I do plan on hanging out with my boyfriend and either go out to dinner or make dinner at home.” Davidson claims that “it’s definitely not my favorite holiday but it’s not the worst.” Everyone has a different view on valentine’s day and that’s completely okay. To Davidson “it means a day to appreciate the people who you love the most.”

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate and appreciate that? You have to look at this special day in the best way possible. This could be one of your favorite holidays if you let it.

Rylie McCormick (22’) who is single and loves Valentine’s Day says, “I am having a galantine’s day with my best friends and we are going to have a picnic.” McCormick explains that “this day is just a very happy because I can show all the people, I am closer to in life how much they mean to me.” She shows a great example about how you don’t need to be in a relationship to have fun on this day!

Changing your perspective can make things a whole lot better. On Valentine’s Day people should be focusing on who they do have in their life instead of who they don’t. Enjoy the day of love.