Beach Days: Winter Addition

Going to the beach during the winter.

Kayla Ashley, Staff Reporter

As we all know the weather has been very cold recently for most Floridians. Walking down the street you could see people fully dressed from head to toe in winter gear, beanies, gloves, and boots. For others, though, who grew up in the cold, this Florida winter is a piece of cake. 

Many students are still going to the beach on the weekends while its 57 degrees outside!  

Hot or cold, some people just love the beach so much weather may not even phase them. 

 That’s exactly how Maya Luttmann (’22) is, she says she recently went to the beach and she goes on to explain that she goes “almost every day, even though it can be a little chilly I just love it so much that I can’t stay away from it.” Luttmann also brings things to the beach to keep her warm, “I’ll just bring a blanket to lay on, then another one to wrap myself in…”  

Some people may even go for the swell that rolls through with the cold front. Zach Legere (‘22) explains how he was recently at the beach last Sunday and he’s usually “at the beach weekly surfing; I just wear a wetsuit and I’m all good.”  Legere prefers going in the morning rather than the afternoon because he can “get the whole day to hit different spots.” This could be a great way to exercise especially surfing all day. 

Hot or cold, the beach seems like a place some students just can’t stay away from. Most definitely blessed to live near the beach.