Summer 2021

The return of the hot weather

Kayla Ashley , Staff

       Last year students got an extended summer, but it won’t be like that this time. Students do seem to be making the most of it with panning it out ahead of time, though. Whether it’s family vacation, going to the movies, birthday parties, or even traveling to cool places, while taking all precautions necessary.  

       Sophomore studentAddison Engleexplains that she has plans with her family to go on the east coast to Atlantic Beach. Taking a vacation, staying close to home, Engle goes on to explain how her Aunt and Uncle live on the east coast, which is their reasoning for going over there. “They live on the beach and we will probably surf. In that town everyone just bikes around there to the cool cafes, restaurants, and surf shops,” Engle said.  

     Junior studentMadison Huddleston, had family plans as well. Huddleston said, “I’m going to Boca Grande in the beginning of June for my birthday. I’m going with my family and am probably bringing my friend Anna.”  

    A family road trip seems like the way to go this summer. Huddleston also seems to be doing a lot in Boca Grande. “We are staying for four days. While we’re down there, we plan on going to the beach, renting a golf cart to ride around the island, go tarpon fishing in Boca Grande pass, go to lunch at our favorite restaurants- Miller’s and Cabbage Key, and probably try to go shark fishing at night again,” Huddleston said. An action pack filled vacation for the win.  

     Jacob Sands (‘22), on the other hand, has something a little bigger planned. Sands is planning on going to Japan for about a week with his dad. “We will visit Fujinomiya city, which is close to mount Fuji, where he spent a couple months on the mountains in the marines,” Sands said. It seems to be a fun experience for Sands since his dad knows exactly where to go considering he was a marine there. “We are both getting our vaccines and wearing masks and of course social distancing, we want to stay pretty safe while on the trip, but we are hoping the whole situation gets better by summertime,” Sands said.  

Making the most out of what we have is always the best way to go, its time to start planning something fun for summer. This summer break is needed for everyone.