PHUHS Student Summer Travels

Take a glimpse into the summer adventures of some of our very own PHUHS students.


Beatrice Shen, Staff Writer

Hannah Hipolito (‘23): 

“I visited several places this summer! I spent a week in Chicago, another near Jasper, in Georgia, and a final week in Orlando. I visited Chicago with my family to tour UChicago and just experience the city. Our trip to Georgia was to relax and spend time with our dog outdoors, since the weather is nicer there than here. Finally, the trip to Orlando was to see some old family friends we hadn’t spent time with in a while! My favorite part of the trips I took was definitely spending time walking around Chicago. I of course have to mention the Bean as well. I love the Bean. I totally recommend visiting any of these places, especially Chicago! It’s such a lovely city and there’s so much to do there.” 

“The Bean” sculpture.
Central Chicago


Aiden Szeto (‘24): 

“I went to Death Valley to see the amazing scenery and experience the closest thing to Inferno temperatures the United States has to offer. My favorite part of the trip was just admiring the great scenery. I would absolutely recommend going to Death Valley. The scenery is like no other and drinking 3 bottles of water every 10 minutes because it’s 115° feels amazing.” 

Death Valley


Faith Bakke (‘24): 

“I went to South Dakota this summer. I went there on a road trip with my grandma. First I stopped in De Smet, SD to explore the Ingall’s Homestead because I liked the Little House on the Prairie books. Then I stayed in the Badlands and hiked the trails. I visited Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse monuments. My favorite part of the trip was climbing around the badlands because they’re beautiful and it’s thrilling to climb because the rocks slide occasionally. I would recommend this vacation to other students because it was a unique experience with different weather and people than I’m used to.” 

Mt. Rushmore
Crazy Horse monuments


Jomana Shenouda (‘24): 

“This summer I went to Egypt. I went there to visit my family and while I was there I visited many historical sites. My favorite part of the trip was when I went scuba diving in the Red Sea. I would definitely recommend visiting Egypt to other PHU students. Some of the places I recommend going are the Hurghada, Sahl Hasheesh, and the pyramids.” 

Egyptian Pyramids


Laith Becker (‘24): 

“I went to Georgia and Tennessee this summer. We went there to both see family and filming locations of Stranger Things. We did both as well as visiting an underground lake, going to large waterfalls, and driving up the Smokey Mountains. My favorite part of the trip was going to an underground lake filled with fish. I would recommend all of these activities to PHU students as many of them aren’t things we have here in Florida (mountains and caves).”


Eliza Lane (‘24): 

“I went to the Pacific Northwest this summer, so Oregon and a bit of Washington. We went because we’ve explored a lot of the east coast but my sister and I had never been to that area of the country. We did a lot of hiking, explored Portland and Seattle, and stayed in a cabin near Mt. Hood. My favorite part was doing the Space Needle at sunset in Seattle. I would definitely recommend Columbia river gorge to nature lovers and Seattle to city people.” 

Central Seattle
Canon Beach