Midterm Week at PHUHS

When we all work hard, we truly see the outcome


Asia Malone

Midterms can be a little nerve-racking but also a super exciting time for the students here at PHU. This week will show all of our hard work throughout the months and help show what we’ve learned! Although it takes much studying and organization to be prepared, here at PHU we have students who always work hard and do their best and some students have been interviewed to see their point of view on the midterm week and how they prepare.

One student who has expressed their feelings about midterms is Giuseppe Morse (’25). He is always very focused in class and has wonderful grades, so he has given us some advice for the midterms next week. Morse explains his study tips.

“If you have taken notes throughout the year, make sure you study them. My favorite way to study is having someone else quiz me, to make sure I know all of the information,” Morse (’25) said.

Morse is excited to celebrate when midterms are over!

Jadyn Taylor (’25) is the life of her classes and allows everyone to have fun while they learn. Taylor appears to be super ready for midterms and is a pro.

“I study with my friend Ethan and eat lots of food when I study because it helps my brain. Nights before my exams I like to listen to white noise and get lots of rest,” Taylor (’25) said.

Although midterms can be a little scary, these students have given us some advice that can help someone prepare for midterm week. Whether studying with a close friend or eating your favorite snack, try to make studying fun! And make sure when you’re done on the 23rd, have an awesome break and celebrate the end of exam week.