New Years Resolutions

Popular New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions


 Everybody’s rallied up, the sky lit up with colors and designs that slowly faded, Time Square became the star of the show, well of course, besides a 4-digit number (2023!). Although we may not party like it’s 1999, we sure will try to look forward to a promising new year. But what are the things that make this new year so promising? Most would think of a beneficial change in lifestyle, which is where goals and resolutions come in. 

 YouGov America conducted a poll from December 16 – 21 based on resolutions for 2023.

The results were very scattered but somewhat cliche: “improve their physical health (20%), save more money (20%), exercise more (19%), or eat healthier (18%). Other people will focus on being happy (17%) or losing weight (17%).” (According to What are Americans’ New Year’s resolutions for 2023? | YouGov).

Both images display Fireworks provided by the City of Safety Harbor at North Bayshore Drive. 


But these goals are for the whole population. On a smaller scale, it was asked what are the goals of students? Addy Jones (2026) “… 4. Take better care of the goats” She states that her two goats are named Karma and MoJo “5. Work harder on saving money. 6. Try not to spend so much time on my devices.” As Jones elaborates, she is saving up for multiple things. But on the other hand, some people didn’t have any set goals for this year. Yasmina Aghar (2026) “I don’t really have any.” Similar to Sydney Hickman (incoming freshman, class of 2027) who quotes, “Probably just keep up with my studies.” 

Although New Year’s resolutions are cliche, and most disregard these goals early in the year, they are needed and useful for a difference in lifestyle. Happy 2023! And we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet, for auld lang syne (times long past).

Lighthouse located in Providence Town, Massachusetts. Lighthouses are said to symbolize strength, safety, navigation, and hope. All are what many anticipate this year.