Post PHU Plans

Students plan for after graduation

Most high schoolers find their time at their high school to be fun and exciting as they learn about new things that can mold their minds into thinking of what they want their future to look like, or what they decide they want to do after leaving high school.

Many people are currently deciding on whether they want to do early college, go to college after graduating, and even whether they really want to go to college or just jump into their life as soon as they set foot off of high school campus for the last time.

The recognition of this year’s education coming to a close has students either starting or ending their plan of what they want to do after high school and evokes many mixed emotions (especially for seniors) of how they’ll feel when they graduate, leave high school, and move on.

“After high school, I want to become a businesswoman. As for college, I’ll go wherever softball takes me, because the softball culture has influenced my future career plans. My favorite part of high school is going to my math teacher’s classroom and talking with her when I’m bored. I’ll miss high school mostly for my friends and the fun I’ve had during some classes,” Ella Baker (’25) said.

“I want to go to USF after graduating to become a lawyer. My favorite part of high school is English class because it’s easier to understand and I like being able to portray many thoughts into a paper and having the answer be right as long as I can back it up with evidence. I’ll miss high school when I graduate because I love playing sports with my friends and having classes with people I’m close with,” Charlotte Summers (’25) said.

Leaving high school is a very sad and happy time, as seniors get to figure out what they want to do with their future and how they want to get there, whilst also leaving behind some friends and teachers they enjoyed spending time with.

However, the beginning of an end of a journey awaits the seniors and graduates, and the representatives at PHU wish you the best of luck and thank you for enjoying your four years with us here.