Online Art Classes, how do they fare?

In this age of safety precautions and online classes, art classes must change with the times.
September 21, 2020

With Covid-19 looming over public education as an ever-present threat, the classes that suffer the most are those that took advantage of hands-on learning and sharing supplies. Art falls under both of...

Will Taylor Swift continue to count by 2’s?

Will Taylor Swift continue to count by 2's?
November 4, 2016

Swifties around the world are waiting for Taylor Swift to hit the charts this Fall and keep her album-releasing tradition going. She left us in awe when 1989 was released on October 27, 2014. Once again...

After-School in the Theatre

Every semester, the Drama department puts up a play, that tends to lean towards the more comedic, however with Sunday in the Park with George, that’s about to change.
December 11, 2015

Sunday in the Park with George stands out from all other musicals performed at Palm Harbor University. “The musical is about the artist Georges Seurat from France, and him making his painting, ‘A...

The art of Shipping

November 22, 2013

This ain’t your grandad’s shipping. UPS has nothing to do with it. You can’t order this, but by God you can hope for it. Shipping is the act of making a relationship out of a couple that isn’t...

Art Becomes Reality!

October 16, 2012

Dirk Dzimirsky has become wildly popluar with his current works of art. With only a pencil and paper, he makes his art come to life.  Click here to see some of his most famous sketches.  Trust me,...

Spend your spring break at an art gallery

February 28, 2011

Spring break is filled with so many different options and it sometimes can be hard to decide at what you want to do. If you’re not the typical beach type, then an art museum is for you. Just think of...

Creative writing sparks cyber innovation

November 1, 2010

The syntax is still the same, but the construction of creative expression will utilize the virtual medium.  Creative Writing Club, revived last year by senior editor-in-chief Taylor Mavrakos, has ambiguous...

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