Importance of the SAT

Alexis Cesarini, Staff Reporter

December 11, 2018

The Scholastic Assessment Test, better known as the SAT, is understood to be one of the biggest factors in a student’s high school career. Counselors, teachers, parents, and coaches have all told their students at some point that they need to take this test and they need to get a good score. But w...

The benefits of early college and dual enrollment

Alexis Cesarini, Staff Reporter

December 4, 2018

College is one of those things you won’t stress about until you realize it’s right around the corner. To a lot of high school students, the stress that comes with the idea of college is not about all the essays and assignments. It is more commonly about the thousands of dollars that it costs to receive...

The benefits of attending in and out of state colleges

The benefits of attending in and out of state colleges

Eli Thompson, Staff Reporter

November 30, 2018

When seniors are ready to go off to college, one of the major questions they have to ask is whether or not to go out of state. This decision is difficult for many seniors, especially with having to make the decision almost a full year in advance. When you stay in state for college, you stay clos...

PHU swimmers sign

PHU swimmers sign

Alexander Thurin, Staff Reporter

April 26, 2017

On Tuesday, March 28th, 2017, two Palm Harbor University swimmers signed to colleges. The two swim seniors, Michael Bemis, and Britney Caprio, signed to Berry College, and Long Island University, respectively. The ceremony started in the teaching auditorium, where the two seniors sat at two long tables...

Brighten up your future this summer

Brighten up your future this summer

Alyssa Ryan, Staff Reporter

May 23, 2016

If boredom starts to consume the break, help yourself and others through volunteering. With the Bright Futures program, students can earn college scholarships, significantly lessening the money they’d be required to spend on college. With three different levels (thirty, seventy-five, or one hundred...

College Basketball Player of the Year Candidates

College Basketball Player of the Year Candidates

Trevor Rector, Sports Editor

February 1, 2016

The college basketball season all begins in the regular season, with hopes of March Madness amongst the competitors. Each team trying to get into the NCAA Tournament has at least one key weapon. The John R. Wooden Award is given to the Player of the Year in college basketball. These key players...

Scholarships – more than just an essay

Scholarships – more than just an essay

Alyssa Ryan, Staff Reporter

January 29, 2016

College bound? If so, it’d be a good idea to take another look at all the quick and easy scholarship opportunities that could save thousands. Scholarships are free money. They’re far more options than just writing an essay, too. It’s better not to wait until senior year to start scholarship...

Why we should all go to SPC

Haley Pearson, Staff Reporter

November 18, 2014

Pack your bags, seniors, though we won’t be going too far from home. In fact, you only need to bring a backpack. Now tell me, which is your destination of choice: St. Petersburg, Clearwater, or Tarpon Springs? When I see people applying to 10, 20, 30 colleges and passing around their Common App...

Have no fear, Peer Connectors are here

Haley Pearson, Joshua Antonio, and Cassidy White

September 2, 2014

How was your first day of high school?  Were you worried that you’d get lost, or that a senior would throw you in a trash can? Peer connectors, a club at PHU, are upperclassmen that serve as role models or mentors to freshmen. They ease the typical nervousness of the incoming freshmen by showing...

Is your major going to land you a job?

Cydnie Bauer, Staff Reporter

May 16, 2014

Is your Major going to land you a job or a one way ticket to your parents’ house? A lot of majors aren’t in as high demand as they were years ago.  The top major that shouldn’t set you up for failure is nursing. Health care is always going to be needed; therefore going into the medic al field...

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