19th St. closes, re-opens, and closes again

19th St. is blocked with road closed signs, a pile of dirt, draining water, and a CAT excavator. Residents living off of this road face issues with driving to and from places.

Emma Behrmann, Editor in Chief

September 12, 2019

An excavator crane, pile of dirt, and drainage block the path to several Palm Harbor homes. 19th St. has closed, re-opened, and closed again within the past two weeks.   19th St. provides access to Palm Harbor zoned neighborhoods including Barrington Oaks, Arbor Glen, Pipers Meadow, and Sever's Land...

New building completed just in time for summer

The near-finished product of Building 19, cluttered with dirt piles and some last debris of construction.

Paige Livingston, Co-Editor in Chief

June 2, 2015

Within the last few days of school, “Building 19” will be completed and an official addition to Palm Harbor University High. Yes, it’s done - after a year full of construction, Driver’s Ed range relocation, and anticipation, the new building is almost here. Is it odd to have Building 19 be...

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