In it for the drama

In it for the drama

The drama board discusses the upcoming events for the year.
Rachel Giaquinto, Staff Reporter October 11, 2019

The loud music silences the students as fog fills the stage. A wrestling announcer voice booms over the speakers welcoming the 2019-2020 Drama Board on stage for the first drama club meeting of the year....

After-School in the Theatre

Every semester, the Drama department puts up a play, that tends to lean towards the more comedic, however with Sunday in the Park with George, that’s about to change.
Zoe Bison, Staff Reporter December 11, 2015

Sunday in the Park with George stands out from all other musicals performed at Palm Harbor University. “The musical is about the artist Georges Seurat from France, and him making his painting, ‘A...

Adams Family Musical

Cassidy White, Staff Reporter March 19, 2015

  The spring school musical for 2015 is The Adam’s Family. The iconic and gloomy Wednesday Adams begins to blossom into a girly girl after meeting a boy. Her family disagrees with her change...

Project: Shattered Silence premieres on WEDU

Project: Shattered Silence premieres on WEDU

Mrs. Judy Cannaday, Journalism Advisor January 30, 2014

Project: Shattered Silence (P: SS) features the real-life experiences of young people in our community, told in their own voices. It caught the attention of our PBS affiliate, WEDU, who jumped on board...

Going out with a bang

Going out with a bang

Zoe Jones, Kendall McIntosh, and Miranda Sears January 30, 2014

For the seventh and final time, Mr. Howard takes drama Troupe 5590 to States.  After this year, Mr. Howard plans to retire and travel the United States and Canada with his wife. “It’s official,...

Urinetown Hype

Urinetown Hype

Josephine Hackett and Katelyn Neller October 31, 2013

    Hilarious, captivating, unique, enormous, the best musical around. These are words that have been circulating around the corridors of PHUHS with the highly anticipated showings of Urinetown the...

Lip Sync Show: A performance to remember

Katelyn Neller and Josephine Hackett October 18, 2013

    The lights went dim, a hush fell over the audience. Josh Perlin and Tim Hart, both IB seniors, took the stage for what would be their last Lip Sync Show at PHUHS.     On October 4th, at 7:00pm...

Lip sync auditions

Josephine Hackett, Staff Reporter September 25, 2013

The Lip Sync Auditions are currently going on in the Auditorium from September 25th to the 26th right after school. Anyone is allowed to audition as long as you attend PHUHS, your act contains appropriate...

Into the one-acts

Kara Condie, Emily Huntley, and Stephan Vlachos April 15, 2013

The drama club is performing their one-acts in late April. They have been hard at work finishing up their last play, Into the Woods, and are quickly moving on to the next step in the theatrical cycle. Into...

What lies beneath must be revealed

Kaydee Kilgore, Contributing Writer February 25, 2013

Got a secret?  Can you keep it?  Well, I can’t keep this secret any longer.  Pretty Little Liars is a guilty addiction to teenage girls across America.  The mystery TV series captivates their viewers’...

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