Instagram is now Vine…and Snapchat.

Instagram is now Vine...and Snapchat.

Emily Manning, Co-Editor in Chief

January 7, 2014

That sushi dinner just HAS to go on Insta, like five minutes ago. Instagram is a popular social media site where users can post pictures and comment/like other's photographs. As of this summer, Instagram updated their app to compete with a video app called Vine. Vine is solely for short videos;...

National Honor Society induction just around the corner

Lena Schwallenberg and Emily Manning

November 6, 2013

On Nov. 20, more than 200 juniors and seniors will walk across the auditorium stage as they are inducted into the National Honor Society. Every year, as fall comes into full swing, upperclassmen anxiously await their admissions decisions from NHS. Once these are handed out by current members, a tr,...

Summer fashion trends

Emily Manning, Co-Editor in Chief

June 24, 2013

Summer is making way for new weather and new clothing. Florida is relatively known for being the bipolar weather state of the U.S., ranging from blazing hot to pouring thunderstorms but there are still ways to look fashionable. There are two trends going on in the color spectrum- bright colors and...

The Originals

Emily Manning, Co-Layout Editor

May 24, 2013

The producers of Vampire Diaries are now creating a spin-off series called The Originals. The show is centered on the “original” family in the Vampire Diaries, mostly focusing on the character Klaus. Klaus has left Mystic Falls to go to the epicenter of magic in New Orleans. There he finds his...

Important AP exam information

Emily Manning, Layout Editor

May 7, 2013

AP exams are occurring during this week and the following. Listed below are a list of dates, times. and locations for each exam.  The first week is held at the Clearwater SPC campus off of Drew St. Clearwater, FL. Students are assigned rooms that are posted on the cafeteria walls as well as the campus....

French Club: new teacher, new direction!

French Club: new teacher, new direction!

Emily Manning and Morgan Myers, Layout Editor and Staff Reporter

April 5, 2013

French Club is headed in a new direction under the watchful eye of the new french teacher, Madame Lynda Arbogast. They are starting more fun activities that have drawn a growing 60 students to the club. They have meetings that are held on a random Tuesday near the middle of the month. The activities...

SAT mayhem

Emily Manning, Co-Layout editor

March 5, 2013

The sound of pencils scribbling answers at a furious pace fills the room. The occasional stressed sigh is let out as teens glance at their tests.  Hours pass and then months before a student will find out their score. Yes, this is the infamous SAT. The SAT is a test that most colleges require a student...

Two can’t keep a secret

Two can't keep a secret

Emily Manning, Co-Layout editor

January 23, 2013

*Spoiler Alert Filled with betrayal, secrets, and drama that could outmatch Broadway, Pretty Little Liars has debuted their new season premiere on January 8. The season began off with a new addition to the A team, a group dedicated to ruining the main character's lives. This new member was a shock...

Presidential election 2012: Obama wins

Presidential election 2012: Obama wins

Emily Manning, Layout editor

November 9, 2012

Another swing state, Florida, was an incredibly close call. So close that it was tied and not counted. Romney and Obama were both at around 50% of the popular vote with Obama leading by .5% The battle was fought long and hard, but finally at 12:56 A.M. Romney conceded defeat. For a map on the elections, Clic...

Making the holiday season even more sweet!

Making the holiday season even more sweet!

Emily Manning, Layout Editor

November 8, 2012

It’s no secret that autumn is a time filled with yummy foods. Especially with thanksgiving coming up that means there are many mouths to feed! No one wants to be boring with the typical plain vegetables and turkey. Instead, try something new and delicious like caramelized sweet potatoes! They’re...

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