Missing out in the parking lot

As seniors are looking forward to getting a parking spot, let’s reflect on 2019’s paintings.

Erin Behrmann, Editor in Chief

September 1, 2020

As juniors whip around to grab a past senior’s parking spot, this year’s seniors missed the first day feeling of a personalized designated spot. Due to COVID-19, the rising seniors were not able to receive a special parking space right away- causing them to miss out on painting the spot with friends...

Is Disney Plus the new Netflix?

Is Disney Plus the new Netflix?

Erin Behrmann, Staff Reporter

January 21, 2020

Although Disney Plus may be rising, it hasn’t affected Netflix quite yet. A lot of people say “Tik Tok is the new Vine”. Will Disney Plus be the new Netflix? The world may never know until it happens. Many people at PHUHS watch Netflix, but have also turned to Disney Plus for throwbacks that they...

Join FBLA for a handful of experiences

In Orlando, PHUHS FBLA students take on the State Leadership Conference in March.

Erin Behrmann, Staff Reporter

March 28, 2019

Why join FBLA? It is an opportunity to learn about competitions or presentations, make new friends, put a club on college applications, and so much more. Although there are several of clubs at PHUHS, FBLA is one that stands out more than others. It isn’t just a club where there is a meeting each month,...

New album added to your playlist

Dan Reynolds, the lead singer of Imagine Dragons, sings to a large crowd at the Mid Florida Credit Union Amphitheater.

Erin Behrmann, Staff Reporter

November 27, 2018

In 2018, Imagine Dragons released a song titled, “Natural.” But little did everyone know that one song was going to lead to a whole new album that came out Nov. 9, 2018. Imagine Dragons is one of my favorite bands. With Dan Reynolds as the main singer, Wayne Sermon on the guitar, Daniel Platzman...

Time to relax and eat a ton of turkey

During Thanksgiving break, Savanna Hutfliz and Lexi Chiger are planning on hanging out and watching Netflix. They look forward to relaxing without school.

Erin Behrmann, Staff Reporter

November 14, 2018

Thanksgiving brings family and friends together, along with a whole week off of school. This break is right around the corner, where turkey and potatoes will be eaten, and people are thankful for everything in their life. Not only students enjoy this week off. Teachers and staff adore this week too. “I’m...

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