The Cookies are Back in Town

Allyson May, Staff Reporter

March 11, 2020

The moment has come: cookie season is back and new flavors have hit the area. With a large variety of types of cookies, yields personal opinions on each one and their flavors.  Thin Mints: These give off a sense of originality with their chocolatey coating and a mint cookie on the inside. With just the ...

Earn your baking patch

Libby Rodnite, Editor-in-Chief

January 23, 2013

Spring is approaching, which also means another phenomenon is coming...Girl Scout cookies. Girl Scout cookies will go on sale soon, but don't worry if 1 month seems to long to wait for your precious cookies. Try out this recipe for a Girl Scout favorite and curve your craving for just a little bit longer.   Homemade Do-S...

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