Fun festivities for fall

Fun festivities for fall

Lizzy Mason, Staff Reporter October 25, 2019

The air gets cooler, leaves turn brown, and the scent of cinnamon and pumpkin lace the air. Pumpkin patches and haunted houses are on every street corner and spooky decorations line the neighborhood. There...

What’s trending in 2019

What’s trending in 2019

Lizzy Mason, Staff Reporter September 17, 2019

All black or an oversized t-shirt? Girly and colorful or neon and chains? Vintage or modern? When walking around campus, multiple clothing trends can be spotted.  Sometimes, it seems as if we have...

Vending machines, like the one featured in this image, can be found around school and offer some caffeinated beverages.

Recharging with caffeine

Lizzy Mason, Staff Reporter April 2, 2019

For some high school students, caffeine can be a daily essential to stay awake. Between coffee and energy drinks, caffeine is here to save the day. Struggling to stay awake in class after a late night...

Junior Madison Ducharme wears her favorite winter outfit to keep warm and comfortable during the day.

Keeping warm in winter

Lizzy Mason, Staff Reporter December 12, 2018

While it’s typically on the hotter side in Florida, spurts of cold call for jackets, boots, sweaters, or anything warm. Although staying warm is important, staying trendy can be a desire as well. In...

Junior Madison Ducharme works on her notes for her HOPE class. She hopes that her notes will aid her in studying for her upcoming test.

Doing what it takes

Lizzy Mason, Staff Reporter December 5, 2018

It’s pretty typical to be given homework on a regular basis, tests every so often, quizzes here and there, and two exams a year. However, without proper study habits, students may fall behind or become...

Senior Payton Daniele poses with senior Skylar Hopkins at one of their last football games.

Stepping it up one last time

Lizzy Mason, Staff Reporter November 13, 2018

The practices, the pressure, the wins and the losses, at some point every player steps on the playing field for the last time. Seeing the lights, hearing the crowd cheering, walking out with teammates,...

Overcrowded, Overfilled, and Overflowing

Overcrowded, Overfilled, and Overflowing

Lizzy Mason and Elarya Tedres September 24, 2018

Busier hallways, longer lunch lines, and classes filled to the brim with students. Every year, new freshmen come to PHU which add to the population of the school and the past couple years there have...

Pollen Count Up, Immune System Down

Pollen Count Up, Immune System Down

Alexis Cesarini and Lizzy Mason March 19, 2018

The population was hit hard enough by the season of influenza. As the first day of spring approaches rapidly, pollen is taking over instead. March 20 marks the first day of spring this year, even though...

On the loose

On the loose

Lizzy Mason, staff reporter November 7, 2017

Be on the lookout for a killer in the Tampa area. On October 9th an unidentified individual claimed their first victim. Over the next few days two more people have been shot and killed. Surveillance...

Evacuation Vacation

Evacuation Vacation

Emma Behrmann, Lizzy Mason, and Alexis Cesarini September 22, 2017

Evacuate, hunker down, or relocate to a shelter. These were the options people had to choose between as Irma hurdled toward Florida. Hurricanes are very dangerous no matter what category they are. Some...

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