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Litter After Lunch

Litter After Lunch

Justine Nguyen, Staff Reporter

September 27, 2018

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Lunch is the only time of the day where most high schoolers get a break. That being said, some high schoolers take advantage of this break to leave some more unsavory remnants behind, such as lunch trays with leftover lunch tidbits, empty chip bags, and nasty splatters of food.   Take the ...

What’s for Lunch?

Andy Blair and Jayla Motko

January 10, 2018

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Lunch is one of the most anticipated periods of the day for many students at school. Students have a lot of freedom during lunch. They are able to socialize with friends and take a break from the stressful school day, or they can choose to do homework due the next period and study for that pop quiz they...

Serendipity Café in Dunedin has healthy, gluten free food for all

Serendipity Café in Dunedin has healthy, gluten free food for all

Logan Bishop, Online Editor

December 11, 2015

Filed under Entertainment

Serendipity Café, where healthy meets delicious. Kim Mohr, the owner and cook at Serendipity Café has a gluten allergy; the reason she opened this small yet exquisite restaurant. Set right down the street from Bon Appetit and the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in Dunedin, the location is perfect for...

Cutting out the calories

Chris Narvaez and Paige Livingston

September 2, 2014

Filed under News

Have you noticed something missing at lunch this year? No, not the seagulls! There are no more of those regular Mountain Dews or french fries that students love. Yes, it’s true. Palm Harbor University is going healthy - at least for now. “We no longer have an A la carte line because there’s...

Hungry, hungry in my tummy

Emily Huntley, Staff Reporter

October 26, 2012

Filed under Features

Word on the street is that the school lunches are popular with almost everyone. Almost. Whether it’s due to allergies or personal choices, many students at PHUHS have dietary restrictions. The school lunches aren’t very appealing to people with such restrictions, so many of them opt to bring a lunch....

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