Into the one-acts

Kara Condie, Emily Huntley, and Stephan Vlachos

April 15, 2013

The drama club is performing their one-acts in late April. They have been hard at work finishing up their last play, Into the Woods, and are quickly moving on to the next step in the theatrical cycle. Into the Woods has set high expectations for the new performances. The first play has advanced to t...

Into the Woods: setting the stage

Into the Woods: setting the stage

Hannah Berman, Staff Reporter

November 16, 2012

With PHUHS’s production of “Into the Woods” rapidly approaching, more and more people are getting a feel for what it’s about—a compilation of fairy tales, all cleverly interwoven to result in a fantasy masterpiece—though maybe a bit less “fairy tale” than one might anticipate, as t...

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