Showing off the special TBH balloons. Rachel Giaquinto, Hannah Pinnell, Ansley Acree, Mackenzie Mills, Natalie Tajeddine, Lily Fragola (20), and Sophia Sesi (19) celebrate the end of the 2019 book on the annual distribution day.

Yearbook Distribution Day 2019

Kalista Photopulos, Staff Reporter May 17, 2019

Scientists need to focus more on the ocean than on space, as there is much more to discover.

Discovery of the Oceans

Jacob Costantino, Staff Reporter April 2, 2019

Oceans and seas on Earth contain a vast majority of all living things on the planet, far more than on land. In the oceans, people can find the most beautiful animals and plants; such as the Vampire Squid...

With the yearbook coming out every single year, each one being different and unique these are the schools last four.

Going page by page

Kalista Photopulos, Staff Reporter December 20, 2018

Wanted: Social, outgoing people who are dedicated to working with a team of unique individuals in order to create a physical memory of your high school experience. Reward: A new passion and an unforgettable...

Going for the layup even with 2 defenders on him Aldrian Natar (20) fights his way to get his 2 points.

Basketball Season Pictures

Chaetan Prabhu , Photographer December 20, 2018

This is what could happen if you decide to text n drive.

Car crashes could be prevented

Jacob Costantino, Staff Reporter December 17, 2018

If statistics show that there are 77 car crashes per day in Pinellas County, then there must be something wrong with how people learn to drive. All people take a test to drive, and yet every day there...

Making the magic happen Jeff Binta (21) starts to drive past the defender to score, but ends up giving the ball to a teammate for a 3 pointer. We really come together as a team. We never really have someone who will hog the ball over everyone else, Binta said.

What kind of team is a JV team

December 10, 2018

Players can shoot every shot they want to but in reality they will never make every single one. The JV boys basketball team may be small in size, but they prove that they can still play with heart and...

Heading to the next stop in the city, Tori Reece (‘19) can’t seem to hide her excitement. “It was a really amazing experience because not a lot of people get to say they’ve been,” Reece said.

Warm hearts head to the cold

Kalista Photopulos, Staff Reporter December 3, 2018

Shaking girls, forced smiles, and a sea of green poms poms over 500 cheerleaders; the coldest Macy’s Day Thanksgiving parade reported happened to take place this Nov. 2018. Seven senior cheerleaders...

Appreciating the Underappreciated

Appreciating the Underappreciated

Kalista Photopulos, Staff Reporter October 3, 2018

The most underappreciated job at PHUHS is probably one of the most important. Plant Operations are the people that do the dirty work, literally. Seen sweeping up messes to fixing electrical troubles, they’re...

PHU Golf is back in action

PHU Golf is back in action

Andy Blair, Staff Reporter August 25, 2017

The PHUHS boys golf team started their season off strong Monday, August 21, at the Tarpon Springs Golf Course. The team competed against Osceola and Northeast High Schools. PHU posted a score of 153...

Appointee awaiting confirmation

Appointee awaiting confirmation

Aaron Downing, Field Reporter April 20, 2017

Due to a fierce partisan divide within the United States Senate, the nomination of Judge Neil McGill Gorsuch as a Supreme Court Justice has proven to be jeopardized. Judge Gorsuch was formerly recommended...

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