Fall Pear Cake Recipe

Fall Pear Cake Recipe

Beatrice Shen, Staff Writer November 16, 2022

One of my favorite things to do during the fall is bake cosy autumn recipes with friends and family. This cake can be fancy enough for a formal gathering and to share with others, but it can also be just...

Milan, Italy during Europes 2022 summer heat wave.

Climate Change Has No Borders

Beatrice Shen, Staff Writer August 29, 2022

With growing climate change around the world, the equilibrium of our planet has been overturned, forcing nature to odd effects, such as overwhelming temperatures. However, though these grueling temperatures...

PHUHS Student Summer Travels

PHUHS Student Summer Travels

Beatrice Shen, Staff Writer August 15, 2022

Hannah Hipolito (‘23):  “I visited several places this summer! I spent a week in Chicago, another near Jasper, in Georgia, and a final week in Orlando. I visited Chicago with my family to tour...

Spring Break Travels

Spring Break Travels

Beatrice Shen, Staff Writer April 1, 2022

After the race of projects, tests, and presentations to the end of quarter three, PHUHS students rightfully rewarded themselves with the jollification and relaxation of travel. They were a handful of many,...

Interview with PHUHS’s “Little Mermaids”

Interview with PHUHS’s “Little Mermaids”

Beatrice Shen, Staff Writer March 2, 2022

With PHUHS’s production of The Little Mermaid in the making, many are eager to hear more about the show and what it’s like to be ‘part of their world.’  Addyson Reese (‘24):  1) What...

2022 Tennis Team Player Profiles

2022 Tennis Team Player Profiles

Beatrice Shen, Staff Writer February 3, 2022

With spring sports in bloom, tennis season is starting. Tryouts took place throughout late January, giving PHU students the opportunity to show off their skills in hopes of being selected to represent...

We’re all in this together

Rachel Giaquinto , Staff Reporter April 28, 2020

A theater that was once filled with the sounds of singing and dancing shoes hitting the stage has been replaced with silence. The spring season is usually the busiest time of the year for Troupe...

Being at the top

Erin Behrmann, Staff Reporter March 11, 2020

Being top of PHUHS out of hundreds of students in the senior class is a big deal. Emma Behrmann, Olivia Sakellarides, Maya Srinivasan, and Vipin Suren are the vals and sals for 2020 and will represent...

PHU FBLA winners sport their medals at Pinellas Park High School following the awards ceremony.

Palm Harbor means business

Emma Behrmann, Editor in Chief January 14, 2020

A new venue, a separate awards show, and the same members with a new level of success. Future Business Leaders of America members participated in district wide competition on Jan 10 at the University of...

Prepare now with Exam Jam

Prepare now with ‘Exam Jam’

Emma Behrmann, Editor in Chief January 14, 2020

As students and teachers enter the third quarter of the school year, exam preparation is in sight. AP World Modern History teachers are promoting an "Exam Jam" preparation activity and are offering a mock...

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