Midterms After Break?

Tianna Lamando and Olivia Osborne January 21, 2021

School is a place that we learn and grow as individuals. Homework, quizzes, tests, and classwork is daily when attending school. Testing students’ knowledge and seeing where they rank is crucial to...

Students in Mr. Adkins history classroom during fourth period.

Downfalls of Wearing a Mask

Lexis Barnes, Staff Reporter October 2, 2020

Although wearing masks at school keeps you and the people around you safe, it also makes everyday life difficult. Wearing a mask can make it hard to recognize students and staff, to understand someone’s...

How Long Will Schools Stay Open?

John Bumgarner, Staff Reporter September 10, 2020

That is a question that is on every teacher, student, and parent’s mind with the beginning of the school year. With the virus looming as an ever-present threat whenever their children go outside,...

Students are walking to fourth period class from building 11.

A New Norm

Abigail Houston, Staff Reporter September 3, 2020

School has finally reopened, but how do students and staff really feel about these new changes in learning? How do students feel about masks at school? How do teachers feel about having to focus on in...

What’s for Lunch?

Andy Blair and Jayla Motko January 10, 2018

Lunch is one of the most anticipated periods of the day for many students at school. Students have a lot of freedom during lunch. They are able to socialize with friends and take a break from the stressful...

Make the right decision

Make the right decision

Kalista Photopulos, Staff Reporter April 20, 2017

Decisions can be made in a second. You decide in one second that because you’re late, you’re going to speed. You decide in one second that you won’t wear your seatbelt because your ‘friends’...

Striving for Soccer Success

Striving for Soccer Success

Melany Andras, Staff Reporter November 8, 2016

Soccer season is approaching at Palm Harbor University High School, and if there’s one thing every student here knows, overall, the year will be tough. A new season coming means a new team, which...

Sol Shine: An Upcoming Cafe

Sol Shine: An Upcoming Cafe

Zoe Antoniadis, Staff Reporter October 24, 2016

The newest hot spot for teens at Palm Harbor University High School is Sol Shine, a small restaurant on Florida Avenue. The restaurant is a quaint hangout spot for students after school and the owners...

Moving from Egypt to the United States

Moving from Egypt to the United States

Klara Goone and Jacyn McCrudden, Staff Reporter October 5, 2016

Over the past few years, most of Egypt has rapidly grown into an unsafe environment for its citizens. Throughout the streets, countless murders occur, thieves are everywhere, and garbage is scattered among...

Clubs on the way

Clubs on the way

Anna Hamilton, Co-Editor September 7, 2016

Now is the time to get involved at PHU.  All of your schedule changes have been settled (hopefully), new students have learned their way around campus, and friendly faces in each of your classes have...

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