The benefits of early college and dual enrollment

Alexis Cesarini, Staff Reporter

December 4, 2018

College is one of those things you won’t stress about until you realize it’s right around the corner. To a lot of high school students, the stress that comes with the idea of college is not about all the essays and assignments. It is more commonly about the thousands of dollars that it costs to receive...

Why we should all go to SPC

Haley Pearson, Staff Reporter

November 18, 2014

Pack your bags, seniors, though we won’t be going too far from home. In fact, you only need to bring a backpack. Now tell me, which is your destination of choice: St. Petersburg, Clearwater, or Tarpon Springs? When I see people applying to 10, 20, 30 colleges and passing around their Common App...

Senioritis: The Long Haul

Jack Zygadlo, Online Editor

January 29, 2014

We're mentally done.  Ask us if we care, and we will respond with an apathetic no. As a senior, after three and a half years of high school, the end is in sight.  This is the last three miles of a marathon.  This is the last song on an album.  This is the series finale. Most students are forming...

SPC options are here

SPC options are here

Dao Trac, Staff Reporter

December 12, 2013

Recently, St. Petersburg College has been sending letters to many students in Pinellas County pertaining to accelerated programs. They are offering the following options: Early College, Dual Enrollment, and Early Admission. All of these programs are absolutely free and beneficial if you would like t...

Where are you going to college?

Where are you going to college?

Jordan Lutz and Laura Josephik

May 31, 2013

Just before the seniors set off for their college experience they take a moment to snap a shot of their future school symbol.  Students represent their future school with the hand symbol.

Important AP exam information

Emily Manning, Layout Editor

May 7, 2013

AP exams are occurring during this week and the following. Listed below are a list of dates, times. and locations for each exam.  The first week is held at the Clearwater SPC campus off of Drew St. Clearwater, FL. Students are assigned rooms that are posted on the cafeteria walls as well as the campus....

Teen Town Hall Meeting

Teen Town Hall Meeting

Emily Martin, Contributing Writer

November 16, 2012

Have you ever felt that you don’t have a say in what goes on in the community? Have you ever wished there was a way to get your feelings out about town events and projects? Well there is now an event that you can do just that called the Teen Town Hall Meeting on November 29th, 2012. This event will...

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