After School Activities

Kayla Ashley, Staff Reporter November 10, 2020

  Life continues after seven hours of school and not many get to share what they do when school is done for the day. Some may play sports, babysit, work, or do other hobbies such as paint...

Make the right decision

Make the right decision

Kalista Photopulos, Staff Reporter April 20, 2017

Decisions can be made in a second. You decide in one second that because you’re late, you’re going to speed. You decide in one second that you won’t wear your seatbelt because your ‘friends’...

Being transgender

Dao Trac, Staff Reporter April 3, 2014

A bit of insight in the topic of gender, pronouns, and dysphoria *Names have been changed to protect the privacy of students. “For me, dysphoria is when I look at my own body and it’s not what I...

Friends vs Sleep vs Grades

Paige Livingston, Staff Reporter January 31, 2014

Friends. Sleep. Grades. In this day and age, it seems that you can only have two of the three. Three choices don’t seem like that big of a deal - it should be an easy thing to decide. However, when it...

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