In it for the drama

The drama board discusses the upcoming events for the year.


The loud music silences the students as fog fills the stage. A wrestling announcer voice booms over the speakers welcoming the 2019-2020 Drama Board on stage for the first drama club meeting of the year. The meeting had been in the works since August when the board did their first official meeting of the school year. 

The first meeting is considered one of the most important ones of the year as it allows new students to find out what it’s like to be a drama club member and get informed on all the activities throughout the year. 

Tatianna Menconi (’20), who is secretary of the troupe, wanted the first meeting to go off with a bang. 

“We went through so many ideas to make sure it was the best,” Menconi said. “We made tons of polls in our group chat and were constantly voting on the best idea. Then doing another poll and changing it.”

Unlike past first meetings, the fall musical and fall play were announced. The announcement of the shows was the climax of the meeting. Board members joked they were about to announce it, only to pass it off to another member. The anticipation was growing as the meeting continued to go on, until Mrs. Ashlie Timberlake put her powerpoint up on the projector and revealed what the fall musical and play were going to be. The Marvelous Wonderettes and It’s a Wonderful Life popped up on the screen. 

“When they announced the shows I thought they were joking,” Sydney Hayes (‘22) said. “Last year they announced a bunch of fake shows before the real one so I was unsure. I’m really happy they chose the ones they did though because it’s a wide variety for both performers and tech positions.” 

The Marvelous Wonderettes will be performed from Nov. 7-9 and It’s a Wonderful Life will be staged sometime in December. These shows were not the only acting opportunities the students were informed about. Upcoming events such as the lip sync show and district auditions were discussed. Both of these events allow both underclassmen and upperclassmen to show off their skills whether it be lip syncing on the stage or actually singing a solo.

“I am so excited for another year of Districts,” Dylan Curry (‘22) said. “I’ve been preparing for all of my individual events super hard and I can’t wait to meet new people in my district at the event.”