Club Fair and Football Festivities

PHUHS holds its very first club carnival during the first football game of the year with fun activities for all

In the middle, Jenna Jordahl (‘24) makes use of the drama club’s photo booth with friends Taylor and Kelsey.

In the middle, Jenna Jordahl (‘24) makes use of the drama club’s photo booth with friends Taylor and Kelsey.

Cassie Santella, Editor in Chief

Friday, August 19th students of all grade levels and programs had the opportunity to give out information about their club before the football game. The club carnival was set up in the grassy area right next to the bleachers, each club had a table and some sort of incentive to get students to learn more about their club. Along with the club tables, there was also face paint and a dunk tank in which students and families could dunk Mrs. Lyann Santana. 

Troupe 5590, the school’s drama club, had a photo booth set up. They provided fun hats, glasses, and costume items for students to put on and pose in front of a white backdrop. 

“I got the Remind code and date of the first meeting for drama which I plan on joining,” Jenna Jordahl (‘24) said. 

Clapping his hands, Thomas Brown (‘23) and other members of the robotics club celebrate with the kids after successfully teaching them how to control the robot.

The robotics club attended and was very popular among younger siblings and kids. The students showed kids how to drive and operate the robot. 

“We had our robot that you can drive and pick up a cube and put in a box and stuff like that,” Irfan Ljubuncic (‘23) said. 

HOSA, health occupations students of America, had a pin the heart on the HOSA member activity that drew in lots of participants. 

“We set up a game called ‘pin the heart on the HOSA member.’ Basically, we blind-folded people, spun them around, gave them a paper heart, and then they had to try and place it on the correct spot of the ‘HOSA member’ we drew on a board. Then we gave everyone lollipops,” Harmoni Stanford (‘23) said.

There were a few clubs in attendance that had a cornhole game set up including Best Buddies and Investment Club. 

“I was representing the investment club and we had a cornhole game set up as an activity for members or people that were interested in becoming members. My favorite part of being at the club fair was definitely interacting with new people that showed interest and passion for joining investment club to learn more about personal finance that will help them early on in their careers,” Aakash Pradhan (‘23) said.

“I versed a couple of people in cornhole and that was fun because I’m good at it. There was also mock trial club where they made you throw a dart at like balloons. And if you hit the right balloon, you get a prize, which was a ducky. That was fun,” Ljubuncic (‘23) said. 

Mrs. Lyann Santana celebrates after a student misses the target.

The main attraction of the evening was the dunk tank. Participants paid $3 for 3 throws and chances to soak Mrs. Santana. Younger kids were able to take some steps forward but the majority of participants had to throw from really far back. Considering the distance and the size of the small target they had to hit, by the end of the carnival Santana was soaked from head to toe.