It’s important to learn Spanish


52.6 million people living in America speak Spanish fluently, making taking Spanish in high school a requirement. Besides being the second most popular language spoken in the United States, it is spoken across the world.  

Taking Spanish classes in high school is continually complained about and occupies an elective class for the student taking it.

‘‘Learning Spanish is not required for my day to day life,’’ said Tyler. “My mother speaks fluent Spanish and my grandmother was Cuban, so I want to relate to my family more.

However, to many students, learning Spanish can be beneficial. “I know a lot of people learn Spanish in 3 grade,” Ramy Goone said.

Most of the people that take Spanish think it’s easy because it’s their second language, but there are people that speak English as their second language. This makes Spanish their third language.

A lot of students stopped at Spanish 3 because they think that is enough for them to learn.  They don’t find a point in learning a language that they won’t master.

Some people continue to Spanish 5 and 6 because they think it’s better for them to know a really good language.

Most of the people hate Spanish because it’s really difficult for them and they can’t pronounce the words. They have to take it because college is looking for that.

There are some teachers that make you love Spanish and they make you learn it faster and help you to become fluent.  But every year, over the summer, knowledge is lost. When Spanish isn’t practiced by students, it can be quickly forgotten.

“I felt like I was forgetting what I learned, especially since I started in 7 grade,” Catherine Boshra said.  “If I have the choice to continue Spanish until senior year I will because it’s good to know the language really good.”