Riverdale back for season 2

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Riverdale back for season 2

Alyvia Hallock, Staff Reporter

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Murder, love, drama, and maple syrup? Riverdale is back for the second season, where it is expected to take an even darker turn with the possible death of Fred Andrews, and the new killer on the loose.

Riverdale is based on the Archie Comics. However, the show is a bit different than the comics. The show is about a murder mystery while the comics were just little heartfelt stories about the lives of Archie and his friends.

The comics were highly popular, and after many failed shows and movies, Riverdale is here. Many people expected Riverdale to just be a fad and people would gradually start watching other shows, but it seems Riverdale’s popularity is only rising.

The main characters of this show are Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones, and Cheryl Blossom.

Each of these teens seem perfect on the outside, but each one hides something. Archie is in a forbidden romance and wants to become a musician, Betty is harming herself and is in love with Archie, Veronica’s dad is in prison, Jughead’s dad is in a gang, and Cheryl is hiding that she helped her brother disappear.

Whether it be a secret engagement and pregnancy, helping someone steal money, being gay, or even shooting the gun on July 4th, all the characters have a secret.

As the story goes on they try and figure out who murdered Jason Blossom, Cheryl’s brother, who was found in a river with a bullet hole between his eyes.

After they find out who killed Jason all seems right besides the looming drug deals, but the first season ended with Archie’s dad being shot by an unknown robber, and Archie trying to keep him from dying.

The second season is going to introduce a few new characters: Ross Butler who played Reggie quit, so he could continue his role in 13 Reasons Why. So, Charles Melton will be taking over. Mark Consuelos will be playing Veronica’s recently released dad from jail, Hiram Lodge, and Vanessa Morgan will be playing Toni Topaz, a member of the South Side Serpents.

This show received a mix of praise and criticism from critics. Rotten Tomatoes rated them an 87%, while some critics say that it’s not like the comics and too stereotypical

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