Choir celebrates the holidays by singing Christmas carols

Enlightening the holiday with songs of joy every year, but never loses its christmas spirit.

Grace Mercer, Staff Reporter

Christmas is near and people all around are already buying Christmas trees and decorating their houses. Along with embellishing the town, Christmas is celebrated even more with the carols.

The choir here at PHU is celebrating the new year and Christmas with new and bright students singing songs such as, Christmas on Broadway, Holy Night and many more.

“It’s very exciting for not just me, but for my whole class to sing songs that everyone loves,” Arley Foster said, a current 9th grader who is in the choir band.

Having fun while singing makes the audience feel the choirs energy and makes the whole crowd sing. Preparing for the stage can be more nerve wracking than you would think.

Singing requires stretches to your vocal cords and warm ups to your voice. Everyone in the band, including Foster, warms up for about 10 minutes or less, to help the notes sound crystal clear. They do exercises like, ‘do re me’, up and down .

After getting ready, having a good understanding of the lyrics of the songs is quite a big requirement in the band. The choir band has to memorize more than two songs for the winter concert.

After knowing the lyrics by heart, the expression people make, helps or worsens the beat of the song. Putting a smile on your face and having genuine fun while singing, gives off the aura of the Christmas spirit and spreads it to the audience.

“Honestly, I love singing and being in the band. If you love what you do, it makes you seem brighter than you already are,” Kiley Truskey said.

Kiley Truskey is in the choir alongside Arely Foster and they are ready to perform at the school’s theater with hard work. The concert was on Thursday, Dec. 13th and so happens to be 12 days away from Christmas.