Love for the sport

Swimming is a not a difficult sport if you feel a love towards the sport and Romero found an attraction to the sport in an interesting way.

Grace Mercer, Staff Reporter

People can be inspired, influenced, and demonstrate love for a sport. Kyle Romero (‘19) learned to swim and love the sport gradually in a different way.

“My parents don’t know how to swim, yet they made me take swimming when I was younger. In the end, I had a natural feel for the water and was grateful towards my parents,” Romero said.

In fact, Romero is a well trained swimmer, and his other family members are inexperienced in the field of swimming and managed to find a way for Romero to attend swimming lessons. In the end, Romero found an a attraction towards the sport.

Romero started his swimming lessons at age six. As he got older, he often swam at the Long Center YMCA in Clearwater and later on swam at Largo’s YMCA after seventh grade. Over time, Romero won state awards and dominated competitions and continued on to play competitively.

During freshman year, he joined his school’s swim team at PHUHS. Romero has been swimming on the team since his freshman year and still swims on the high school swim team to this day.

Sometimes the right proportions to ones body helps give a bonus while playing the sport. Each sport has an ideal body specifically assigned to it. “Swimmers ideal body types are long arms: which mine are two to three inches longer than my current height. Complemented with short legs, and a long torso,” Romero said.

Although, Romero explained how he learned swimming which was interesting to him himself. He wondered why and how it ended up this way.

Throughout the years Romero favored certain styles over others. Freestyle and Butterfly strokes are currently his favorite.