Top 4 Christmas Movies of All Time

Some of my personal favorite holiday movies to watch.


Erin Behrmann, Co-Editor in Chief

It’s about that time to cuddle up in warm blankets and settle down with some hot chocolate for a perfect Christmas movie. But what is considered a perfect Christmas movie? This is defined with a movie that gets you excited for the upcoming holiday. Here are my personal favorites:

Elf: Santa’s coming to town!!! This movie is a true classic, it is a humorous Christmas movie that never fails to make you laugh. It is about an elf named Buddy, at least he was convinced he was an elf, that somehow ended up in the North Pole when he was a baby. He was raised by Santa’s elves, however, he never truly fit in because he was a human. Once he was an adult Santa and an Elf told him that his real dad lived in New York so he set off to find his dad, but in his elf uniform. In reality his dad, Walter Hobbs, has a full life of his own as a businessman. Once Walter met his son he demanded a DNA test which proved the relationship. Buddy slowly builds a relationship with his dad through chaotic events as he acts like a child. This movie truly shows the spirit of Christmas and how important family is during this holiday.

Home Alone: Have you ever been home alone and thought of everything that could go wrong? This movie shows all those concerns but in the movie. An 8-year-old Kevin acted out before a family trip to Paris, causing him to have to sleep in the attic. His family leaves for the airport with Kevin and doesn’t realize it till they are in flight. He wakes up to no one home and he thought his wish of having no family came true. However, two con men plan to rob the house, making Kevin protect his family home. This leaves an interesting combination for a holiday movie because it is a kid that outsmarts robbers during the holiday.

How the Grinch stole Christmas: Ever meet someone who is a downer on Christmas? This movie is about a grumpy man, named the Grinch, who is green and scary. He sets out on a mission to steal Christmas from the town he looks down upon. However, he ran into a young girl who changed his point of view on Christmas. This is Cindy Lou Who, who is full of generous holiday spirit, she invites the Grinch places and even faces him when he tries to ruin the holiday. This movie is heartwarming, humorous at times, and is a classic story that is told around Christmas time.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: Everyone’s family is just a little crazy at times, this movie truly pictures the ups and downs. Clark Griswold dreams of the perfect Christmas for his family. He bugs his wife and kids about trying to make it the best one yet for everyone by decorating and going all out. His very interesting cousin and family show up out of nowhere, and the bonus that Clark was hoping for didn’t come. All of this started to cause an uproar, causing a very chaotic Christmas. This movie pictures the craziness of families during these holidays with lots of humor, as events build up Clark breaks.

Personally, these are the best Christmas movies to watch during this season because they allow you to have a good laugh with friends and family, while enjoying some holiday treats. These are very easy to follow and excite you for the holidays. If you’re ready for Christmas, you must watch these movies!